Recording Studio


This full service studio was designed to make innovative records and to get great sounds quickly. It is always setup, the mics are always ready to go, the instruments are always standing by, and our engineers always prepared.


Your music might have been recorded at one studio and mixed at another; or possibly recorded and mixed at home. Either way, it needs to be optimized to play its best on a multitude of playback systems. Our Mastering Studio adds the right amount of E.Q. to make the whole mix sonically acceptable.

Audio Classes

We offer a special recording workshop for people interested in learning how to properly use a Pro Tools equipped studio! We are genuinely interested in helping people make their musical dreams come true, so let us show you the way to great tracks though hands-on learning.

recording studio


In the music industry, Pre-Production is a process whereby an artist spends time creating and refining their musical ideas. The artist thus produces a song’s demo recording, or rough draft, in order to pre-establish the song’s creative premise. A demo should have the basic style of the song displayed.

Sound Design

Use us on your Sound Design Virginia Beach for your feature or Indie film releases. We cover both production sound mixing and post production sound design and editing. We have worked with award winning directors and we would love to help you take your project to the top.

Video Production

If you’re simply looking for a more interesting background effect, we can provide those as well with our Final Cut editing suite and it’s industry standard capabilities.

Artist Development

Once you get the desire to write your own music, and the desire to publish it, you have then developed into a true artist and are ready for music publishing!

Music Publishing

Need help getting out there? Just the publishing of the music can be a stressful task, so if you want to be at ease when it comes to publishing, let Brickhouse Reocrds handle it!

Music Legal Services

Having issues with copyright? Need help on music legal services? Let Brickhouse Records recording studio help you in that department! Just give us a call or send us an email.