Pre-production Virginia Beach1. PRODUCTION:

Pre-production Virginia Beach Try and work out all musical and vocal parts before coming in. You should never attempt to write in the , this not only consumes valuable time and money but slows the session down and breaks momentum.


2. GEAR:

Check and make sure all your equipment is working properly prior to your session. Broken or malfunctioning equipment not only can effect recording quality but it will also hinder your performance. This includes:

  • Fresh strings on all guitars as well as spares and don’t forget picks
  • Make sure drum heads are in good condition (fresh heads are recommended) and spare sticks
  • Good quality guitar and instrument cables
  • Fresh batteries for all EFX pedals and pickups as well as spares (9V)
  • Make sure to remember your power cables and adapters


most industry professionals Pre-production Virginia Beach prefer to record with metronomes because timing integrity of all musical parts are very important for tracking, editing and mixing. We recommend using click tracks in the recording process, however some musicians don’t perform well with click tracks. If you don’t feel comfortable using one, then you don’t have to. Here are some points to consider when using click tracks.

  • Everyone in the band should try to practice and get comfortable playing to a metronome before coming in to the recording session.
  • Your timing performance will be very apparent in the studio and will affect the final product.

Pre-production Virginia Beach


A healthy and conscious mind can make a big difference while in the studio.Pre-production Virginia Beach Everything from what you eat to the amount of sleep can affect your performance and stamina. So get some rest and leave the celebration till after the session is completed!




Have all your LYRICS and NOTES TYPED on paper with spare copies for all band members and engineers.

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