Pro Tools Courses Virginia Beach

Pro Tools Courses Virginia Beach

 can teach you how to properly use Pro Tools is a key skill for any up and coming engineer or producer. You can prepare yourself by taking Pro Tools courses at Brickhouse Records. You can receive one-on-one instruction as you learn the ins and out of this software including, but not limited to:

•    how to create a Pro Tools session and objects you need for recording and mixing
•    how you setup a Pro Tools System
•    the most important parts of the main windows
•    how to navigate through the Edit window
•    how to import audio from a CD or external hard drive
•    how to record in Punch or Loop Mode
•    how to work with Markers and the powerful Memory Locations
•    how the different Edit Modes work
•    how to work with Fades and Fade Files
•    how to use the mix functions in Pro Tools
•    how to work with Audio Regions and the Audio
•    what an Audio Suite Plug-In is and when do you use it
•    how does MIDI works and how to edit MIDI events

Pro Tools Courses Virginia Beach

Topics include I/O style console operation, hard disk based digital audio editing, modular digital multitrack recording, and engineering project completions. Principles of acoustics, sound in recording, and sound reinforcement. Audio Courses include examination of the role of the producer. This includes recording, mixing, arranging, analyzing projects, session planning, communications, budgeting, business aspects, technical consideration, and music markets. Students complete their own project during recording sessions through out the course.

As you progress along, we will share workflows and tricks that will put your audio knowledge to efficient use. You will learn how to build up a mix, how to recognize, avoid, and fix the problems along the way, and you will finally learn how to put the icing on your mixing cake.

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