Services Offered :

  • Recording Studio Services – Brickhouse Records is a full featured, Pro Tools HD equipped recording studio, with a full compliment of microphones and pre-amps.
  • Mastering – We offer professional mastering services for clients who have music recorded that they want to get radio ready and fully polished.
  • Audio Classes – You can learn how to record and mix in our studio from a veteran recording engineer. You’ll receive hands on training and can learn at your own pace.
  • Pre-Production – Don’t rush into a big recording session unprepared! We can setup a pre-production meeting to fully plan out how your songs will be recorded, instruments needed, and creative direction.
  • Sound Design – We offer quality, creative, sound for picture services. If you’re a filmmaker, animator, or editor, we can handle all your audio post-production needs.
  • Video Editing And Mastering – Do you need an experienced video editor to put together a commercial, or music video footage into a crisp clean video project? Our editors can achieve great results with your projects.
  • Artist Development – We are looking for talented, local Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads artists to work with, developing their creative vision and sound.
  • Publishing – Don’t let your hard earned songwriter skills go to waste, let us advise you on getting your music published and distributed
  • Legal Services – Sampling without clearances can come back to bite you, we offer consultations on how to avoid running afoul of intellectual property laws.
  • Studio Build Outs – Experienced builders will take your project studio from a mere dream to reality! These are the same builders who constructed our studio facility, so we trust them and so should you!
  • House Call Studio Repairs – We have technicians with experience in studio technology and construction who can take a look at your gear and make the necessary audio equipment repairs.


Brickhouse Records Is A Recording And Mastering Virginia Beach Studio VA Service in Hampton Roads and Surrounding Areas – Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk and Portsmouth VA , Our Services Include Recording, Mastering, Audio Classes, Pre-Production, Sound Design, Video Editing And Mastering, Artist Development, Music Publishing, Music Legal Services, Recording Studio Build-Outs, And In House Studio Repair.

We Are Located At.

1718 Zimmerman Ct
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
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