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Recent Music Publishing Trends in the Music Industry

Within the last decade the way music industry functions has significantly changed. Be it for the reason of growing accessibility of online resources or for the redefinition of priorities, but today the former strict attachment of a musician to a third party is no longer that evident. The number of alternatives to getting your music published keeps enhancing and the choice is being diversified. Let’s take a glance at the new aspect the music world has taken on.


Imagine a Situation

Suppose you are a purposeful and committed composer. Or arranger. Or both of the above mentioned together. You have some good pieces of music in your repertoire but you have no idea how to let them be known by the public at little or no cost. You need to find out how the ins and outs of music publishing. The task is clear, so let’s look at the options.

Traditional Methods of Music Publishing

Those who may still consider traditional music publishing a rather safer and more secure way of promotion can stick to the standard scenario of cooperating with one of the renowned providers of these services. These can be Performing Rights Societies – like ASCAP, BMI, GEMA, Kobalt (to name just a few) – that would take charge solely of your performing rights and gather money from certain types of public performance or reproducing of your music (e.g. concert halls, TV, cable, etc.). Or, you could contact Music Publishers (Alfred, Hal Leonard, Boosey) that would handle the material side of your work: printing and distributing of your sheet music. Of course, most of these companies will make sure your rights are secured, your music is distributed and your persona is promoted, with the least effort needed on your side. There might be differences in music publishing contracts but the idea is like that. However, such organized activity requires fundamental funding, so don’t be surprised when eventually you get just 15% commission off the sales at best. Sometimes, the revenue might not reach you at all. Moreover, they usually prefer to deal with people who have already ‘earned a name.Please Call Our business for more info!
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