Recording Studio Builders

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Our professional recording studio has a room where the musicians perform, sometimes itself called a studio; a control room containing the equipment for recording, editing and mixing music; and possibly a machine room and smaller rooms, or isolation booths, where high-volume instruments like drums are played to separate their sounds from those the microphones in the main room are picking up. If you are looking to get your own studio built, you should consult recording studio builders. We can help you with all of these complex factors, as building a recording studio takes a lot of time and effort.

Recording Studio Builders

First, you’ll want to consider how you’ll subdivide and soundproof your space. At the very least, you want to provide the performers in your studio with a soundproofed space separate from the control room. And you’ll want to check local zoning ordinances to make sure you comply with any anti-noise provisions that may be in place. Drywall and insulation should be hung and thick windows will help to further isolate the sound in the respective rooms. Additionally, sound absorbing baffles can be custom built for the control room to manage the bass response inside, for optimum listening conditions.

Next, a serious consideration as to the wiring of the studio should be given. Studios contain thousands of feet of wiring; power, XLR, 1/4″ and 1/8″, ethernet, S/PDIF and other cables can quickly become a huge mess if the recording studio builders don’t make sure cables are both long enough to comfortably reach their destination (but not longer) and organized to run as neatly and logically as possible.

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Brickhouse Records proudly owns a construction company, Creative Living with experienced recording studio builders that can get the job done!


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