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Our recording studio technicians are primarily concerned with maintenance and repair of electronic equipment, including cables, microphones, and amps. Depending on the individual’s range of expertise, we also care for instruments in the studio’s inventory and performing repairs like bridge replacements on guitars or changing out drum heads. Our studio technician works closely with in-house recording engineers and staff to regularly inspect gear for damage and wear, and will respond to immediate needs for troubleshooting and replacement of equipment during recording sessions. We ensure that our tool shop is properly stocked with replacement parts and necessary expendables—you can never have too many guitar strings, heat shrink tubes, or microphone RCA transformers. For major repairs or items under warranty, it is the technician’s job to contact the manufacturer to schedule a field technician or arrange to ship the equipment.

If you’re looking for individual with considerable expertise on audio equipment, and a thorough understanding of electricity and circuitry fixing what’s wrong with your studio, you’ve come to the right place. Safety is a major concern when working with electricity, even when a device is unplugged; capacitors store energy that can cause serious injury and equipment damage if not properly handled. If you’re not experienced in electronics repair, leave it to us to handle the studio repairs. Otherwise you will likely be soldering something a few times a week, so start practicing now. Likewise, replacing connectors and making cables are the most common repairs. Our experience as musicians is helpful, as the ability to repair stringed and percussion instruments is invaluable for any recording studio repair.

Our Rates Are From $60.00-$75.00/hour, call us today!

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