Video Editing And Mastering

1: Concept Design

This is the first and most critical step in your video project. With all of the ideas flying around, our video professionals will help you sort through the possibilities. From here we establish a basic outline, which will give our customers their first glimpse into the future of their project. Think of the design phase as the skeleton of your idea, to which we’ll add some muscle in the next step of your video editing.

2: Scripting

During this stage, we’ll establish an in-depth blueprint of your project. With the basic concept design in place, our writers and editors will hammer out a written script, complete with dialogue, sound planning, and on-screen titles. In film projects, this is also the phase in which storyboards are created. At this point, customers will get a very strong sense of the look and feel of their final product. Once the script is approved, our team will move into the next phase.

3: Video Production

This is where the fun begins for the camera crew and on-screen personalities. The lights go up, the camera rolls, and our trained staff captures your vision in our lenses. This process is obviously very important, cause this is the meat of the project, the content itself. Fancy effects on out of focus, poorly performed video footage is useless. For the performers/people on screen this is the draw, but it also has to be taken seriously to ensure a great final project.

4: Video Editing and Compositing

Looking for something out of the ordinary for your video? Our video editing services can provide you with a variety of different backgrounds and effects. With the help of green screens and video editing technology, your video can take place anywhere from the surface of the moon to the jungles of the Amazon. Or if you’re simply looking for a more interesting background effect, we can provide those as well with our Final Cut editing suite and it’s industry standard capabilities.

5: Sound Design and Production

If there’s one thing that sets a professional video from an amateur attempt, it’s the sound. The audio atmosphere tells a viewer all they need to know about a company – is it bold, clear, and clean, or is it bland, muddy, and off-kilter? Our Virginia Beach recording studio is here to help you in getting for your film , and our team has all the tools needed to give your video a strong audio presence. This is a big sell for film distributors and they are very keen on finding  projects that just need their network and financial push, as opposed to rough drafts that have to be worked on extensively before they can make money.


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