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Sound Design Virginia Beach when telling stories through film, one will obviously see the images and the majority of the story is told through locations and the characters’ actions. However, sound holds a vital role in the equation. It has been said that a film without sound is just surveillance and that’s an apt analogy! If you’re interested in making your film the best it can be, you’ll need to concentrate on your sound as well, here’s how:

Find a dedicated ‘sound guy’

During pre-production, find Sound Design Virginia Beach mixer who is focused on audio as opposed to a DP who dabbles from time to time. If they have experience, they’ll make sure you get quality audio on the front end and don’t have to ADR EVERYTHING, which can become extremely time-consuming and costly when you’re paying hourly rates in a studio! If you’re the director or producer, talk to the sound mixer ahead of time and go through you shot list especially if you have a number of complicated camera moves, so he or she can adequately prepare for any tricky boom wielding that may need to take place during the shoot. Also, for really important dialogue shots, double check with the sound mixer before you slate to make sure they are optimized to capture the audio, and if you can, tweak in-between takes, if necessary.

Sound Design Virginia Beach

Post-production is vital as well!

After you have wrapped your shoot, its time for post-production Sound Design Virginia Beach Consult with your sound person and see if they do sound design work as well. If not, you can find someone who specializes in audio-post, so you may enjoy the best results. Consider a recording studio, which has a large tracking room for foley or group dialog scenes, and smaller rooms for ADR for individual actors. Explain to your sound designer what you’re trying to express through your film and let them know your vision for the project. Remember that if your audience is distracted by low quality sound, it can and will pull them out of the experience you’re trying to create! Being immersive is the name of the game, you want to suck them in and keep hold of them until the credits roll

Sound Design Virginia Beach If you’re still not convinced of the power of sound, watch Inception, Star Wars, and 2000: A Space Odyssey and pay close attention to the emotions the sounds (or lack of sounds) plays in creating atmosphere. Find more information about sound for picture at


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