Studio Pics

Studio Pics

Studio Pics : Our projects carry our pride. Our family reputation and fifty years of recording industry experience stands on every recording. We rely on the very best, industry leading equipment in recording,We provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere combined with award winning audio professionals to give your project world class sound.

Studio Pics

With the help of expert student media consultants and instructional technology specialists, students and faculty from all disciplines will be able to put their ideas into creative multimedia production. The recording studio will include a audio and video studio, an audio isolation booth and a control room to enable faculty, staff and students to create high quality productions.

Our pricing page includes notes to help you decide what type recording might work best for you and to also make helpful suggestions to save you time and money.  Scroll down to the  Studio Pics area you are interested in and read all that applies to that section.Gift certificates can be customized for your specific needs and can be printed with the recipients name and other special messages for special occasions.

To some extent, it depends on what your goals and expectations are. You can now buy a small digital recorder like a Zoom H4n that can record 4 tracks of 24-bit digital audio with built-in stereo condenser mics, on board effects and digital editing features all for under $300! At its simplest, this could be classified as a home recording studio (and also a portable one). There are some very inexpensive ways to get into home studio recording, but you can also spend a fortune on equipment if you have a large wallet. The good news is that thanks to big advances in technology, it has never been less expensive to set up a home recording studio and achieve quality results than it is right now! But if you are looking to get a professional than you need to come see us , check out our studio pics so you can have an idea of what a professional recording studio is all about !

Control Room

Tracking Room

Pro Tools HD


Office And Conference Rooms

Brickhouse Records Is A Recording And Mastering Virginia Beach Studio VA Service in Hampton Roads and Surrounding Areas – Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk and Portsmouth VA , Our Services Include Recording, Mastering, Audio Classes, Pre-Production, Sound Design, Video Editing And Mastering, Artist Development, Music Publishing, Music Legal Services, Recording Studio Build-Outs, And In House Studio Repair.

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