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Studio Virginia Beach Recording After your music has been recorded, you may think you are finished with the studio, but this is definitely not the case! Your songs next have to be mixed and mastered by an engineer. Think of this analogy: recording your tracks (vocals, guitar, piano, etc.) is like preparing your ingredients for a cake. You get your flour, sugar, eggs, and oil together but if you eat them separately, you don’t have a cake!

Studio Virginia Beach The first step, after gathering you ingredients is to mix the ingredients, to make the cake batter. Your engineer will take your recorded tracks and blend them to make a song, editing where need be, adding effects and using powerful hardware and software to take the very best from your music and put everything together. Mixing is a very involved process and requires careful listening on the part of your engineer. One of the things to remember is that not every element of your music has to be in the forefront. To make everything fit, some elements/instruments/voices will have to be turned down and moved around, or panned in the mix. Comparably, you don’t want to easily taste the oil in your cake, though it adds to the overall mix and makes the cake taste right. Don’t be offended if the engineer adjusts levels of certain things in your song, they are just trying to make sure it all fits together. Studio Virginia Beach The mixing process occasionally can carry different rates, but ultimately, you should plan for mixing and mastering with the studio in advance before you go to record.

Studio Virginia Beach Recording

Now, we have our batter but it’s still not a cake until we bake it. Mastering is the final step in the process where everything is totally evened out, the tiniest of details are checked and your songs are taken to the highest possible level. After mastering, your songs are ready to go on a commercial CD and be played by your fans and radio stations across the country! This is an exciting step and one you should definitely look forward to! Talk to your engineer and ask if mastering is included or if they send out the mixes to a mastering facility, so you know when to expect your music. If they send it out, there is no difference in the end result, but it will likely take a little longer to get back.Studio Virginia Beach

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