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Nowadays, in the Studio Virginia Beach Va Recording  music industry, it’s almost always demanded that bands will have professionally recorded songs, a track record of gigs and a following of eager fans before a record label will even consider them. Gone are the days where the

A&R departments signed bands going on their gut and their imaginations. They also had the funds for lavish budgets where there was very little pressure in the recording studio. Now there are a ton of new bands vying for the attention of record labels so there’s a lot of work that the bands must do for themselves.

It goes without saying that you have to have songs before you can contemplate the multi-step project of making a record. (Unless you’re improvising, which is totally valid but not the subject of concern here.) Following is an outline of considerations when you want to get the best results for recording rock music. Recording studio Norfolk

It’s helpful at the outset to have songs that are tried and true – preferably songs you’ve played for a live audience so you can witness the effectiveness of them. If you feel that some songs are weak wait until you’ve written a solid body of work. Naturally some songs will

be stronger than others so you would naturally sequence those appropriately. It’s necessary, in my opinion to have a few more songs than you plan to put on the CD so that you can eliminate the cuts (if any) that don’t work out in the recording process. Studio Virginia Beach You really need to be sure that you and your musicians are secure in performing the songs. it’s assured that under the extra pressure of recording, you almost always are liable to make bad decisions. (Screwing it up) Studio Virginia Beach

It’s best to allot an ample amount of time and your budget should reflect that. Almost always it will take much more time than you think. As a rule it’s at least 30%-40% longer. This takes some of the pressure away. Just in case you haven’t done as much as you wanted and the cash-clock is ticking you end up with a vicious cycle. The closer you get toward busting your budget the more nervous you’ll probably become and get diminishing returns. Recording Studio Chesapeake

The studio has no room for egos. Studio Virginia Beach Leave them behind as you enter. Everybody is there to make the best recording possible without each saying that their parts should be louder. They would be wise to think of the whole versus how well they might hear it when they’re on stage. It helps if you invite an independent listener – or even have an engineer who sees the sound that you’re trying to produce. That way you can learn from independent recommendations (In fact don’t stand for an engineer who seems disinterested.)

Studio Virginia Beach Va Recording

Don’t be surprised to find out that after doing basic tracks the music is not always the way you thought it was going to be. Studio Virginia Beach You really have to practice and listen to the “whole” while you’re playing your own part. This will go a long way toward improving the arrangement. In fact one of the greatest pitfalls is a bad arrangement where every one is screaming “but I can’t hear the vocals or the drums” and such. Try as you might, as the engineers say “you can’t polish a turd”.” Don’t necessarily blame the engineer for not knowing how to fix it all in the mix. It’s best if you can make raw recordings of your rehearsals so as to make judgements on the arrangement more objectively. Recording studio Portsmouth

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