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Studio Virginia Beach Virginia  A great musician is only created by a great sound engineer. Now that may seem like a harsh statement but it is completely true. Although an artist may be great in their given area of expertise, if they do not sound good when they are recorded then they will never be heard, therefore, they will never be known to be as great as they truly are. There are many tips and tricks to creating music that sounds as good as it does on the radio. One of the biggest obstacles of any sound engineer is to record the sound in a way so that it sounds like the band is really playing music in the room with you. Certain instruments must be panned in certain locations to give the effect that you are staring at a stage and you have some musicians standing further to the right and some further to the left as well as something directly in the center such as drums or a singer. The main process of pulling off this type of recording quality is focused primarily on microphone technique such as “stereo microphone recording.”
Studio Virginia Beach Stereo microphone recording has many uses for music projects. The number one reason to use a stereo recording technique is to create an accurate ‘stereo image,’ or mental picture of the soundspace. When listeners hear your recordings, they will be able to experience the sensation that they are sitting IN the space where the musicians are recording. This effect shouldn’t be underestimated, as an immersive sound experience can make your recordings really stand out. Blumlein recording is a relatively unknown technique to amateur recordists, but one that is incredibly useful in many circumstances and utlilized in many top-class recording studios. The technique was invented by a British recording engineer named Alan Blumlein and uses the unique characteristics of figure-8 polar patterns.

Studio Virginia Beach Virginia

To use the Blumlein technique, you take two figure-8 mics, turned perpendicular to one another, so that the nulls for one mic are at the lobes for the other. Studio Virginia Beach You must make sure the microphone capsules are as close together as possible, usually by inverting them, one atop the other. Also, to make sure your phase relationships are correct, the microphones should be the same make and model, for example, two AKG C414-XLS. This setup gives you a precise, rock-solid stereo image, and allows you to pick up room ambiences equally well. Your source should be halfway between the front side of both mics. As far as panning goes, hard left and hard right is the way to go here for the effect to be properly achieved.

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