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Virginia Beach Va  Studio As an up-and-coming band, it is important to have music available so your fans will be able to enjoy your music, and to spread the word to people who will become new fans. Having a high quality recording made is essential and this checklist will give you everything you need to know about having your tracks recorded. The first and most important thing when preparing to record is practice! It sounds basic, but it is really important. If you and your bandmates are well practiced, you will be able to record more music because you don’t have to record your parts over and over. Try to make sure everyone knows their parts for the songs you plan to lay down and you’ll save yourself a ton of hassle later on.
Next, know what you want to get done, and have a plan to work on. Virginia Beach Studio know which songs you want to record, and if you want to have them mixed and mastered. This will add to your studio costs, which brings us to….



 Virginia Beach Va Studio

A studio! Finding a studio that can accommodate your band is key. Ask to see if they have space and capabilities to record a full band, as many “project studios” cannot. Also check to see if they are using professional equipment, with ProTools HD being the industry standard system to record with. For bands in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake and greater Hampton Roads area, Brickhouse Records has full recording studio capabilities and more than enough space to record and mix for any band. When you find a good place to record you will need to discuss,

Virginia Beach Studio  Budget! Planning your budget appropriately will save everyone involved a million headaches. Talk to your studio about rates, workflow (how much time artists TYPICALLY spend doing the things you want to do), explain your plan to them and ask to see if there are any specials they have if you record for a certain number of hours, for example. Pay promptly and get your negotiations done before you work. Have Fun! Recording is a process that requires a lot of work, but it pays off when you have music to show to record labels, to distribute at shows, and and to post online. If you go in prepared and with a positive attitude, you’ll have a blast!

Brickhouse Records Is A Recording And Mastering Virginia Beach Studio VA Service in Hampton Roads and Surrounding Areas – Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk and Portsmouth VA , Our Services Include Recording, Mastering, Audio Classes, Pre-Production, Sound Design, Video Editing And Mastering, Artist Development, Music Publishing, Music Legal Services, Recording Studio Build-Outs, And In House Studio Repair.

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